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The products listed below are being sold in support of the Tontastic web site. They are all unofficial, and are not in any way associated with Greenock Morton. Any profit from the production of these disks will be used to help maintain and operate the Tontastic website.

Please note that the site runs entirely independently of Greenock Morton. All camera equipment purchases, maintenance, travel and operating costs are personally funded. Continued improvement in services relies upon your kind purchases.

The greenockmorton.org unofficial forum is also now hosted on the same server that runs the Tontastic website. A considerable amount of money has been spent in the last year ensuring that the forum is fast and crash free. Any purchases in support of the Tontastic web site will also support the operation of the largest Greenock Morton online community on the web.

Each of the "Ton of Memories" DVDs are an eLabour of Love Production by Steve Small. Steve has very kindly offered his excellent work to me to use in this way to help support the operating cost of the Tontastic website. His offer is very much appreciated.

The preferred method of payment is through paypal. This is a completely secure method of purchase that requires only a switch/credit card. If you would prefer to pay by cheque then please send me an email (tontastic@ntlworld.com) and I will send you address details.

Your satisfaction is guaranteed ... if you have any problems with the DVDs, return them to me for a complete refund of the purchase price (excluding P+P). This will ensure that if for some reason the DVDs don't work for your player, or if you unhappy with the quality then you know you can return them to me.

There are no problems shipping the DVDs overseas. The standard charge to ship in the UK is £2.50. Select the additional postage cost for your location from the bottom of the page that applies to you, and if there is not a suitable one, drop me an email and I will set you up. Note that there will always be a £2.50 shipping charge on the form, so the cost of overseas shipment is the additional cost.

I will do my very best to get your DVDs to you as quickly as possible, in most instances within a week. In all circumstances you should receive your disks within 28 days.

All disks will be sent within the UK 1st class, and I will get a certificate of posting for every shipment. If you are placing a large order or want an order delivered urgently then please get in touch prior to submitting the form and we can arrange something to suit you.

The DVDs have been created from video tapes of games, and in most circumstances are of "VHS" quality. Some of the more "vintage" games are of slightly lower quality, reflecting their age and the technology available at the time. A small video clip will be made available (soon!) from each DVD to give you a feeling for the quality of the disk. Click on the link from the table below, but remember that depending on your internet connection the clips might take a while to download.

Please note that I cannot supply videos cartridges, only DVDs.

DVDs For Sale

Tontastic Video Archive 1
(2006/07 Scottish Cup Run, 1979 Vintage Footage)

£6 (DVD Disk)

Rangers 2 Morton 2
  • Scottish First Division - 6th October 1979
  • Highlights
Morton 1 Celtic 0
  • Scottish First Division - 20th October 1979
  • Highlights
Partick 1 Morton 4
  • Scottish First Division - 27th October 1979
  • Highlights
Motherwell 2 Morton 0
  • Scottish Cup Fourth Round - 3rd February 2007
  • Highlights
  • Radio Commentary
Morton 3 Kilmarnock 1
  • Scottish Cup Third Round - 6th January 2007
  • Highlights
Annan 0 Morton 3
  • Scottish Cup Second Round - 9th December 2006
  • Goals

3 Ton of Memories

£6 (2 DVD set)

Disk 1

Old Firm
  • Morton vs Celtic SPL 3rd November 1984
  • Morton vs Rangers SC Rnd 3 26th January 1985
St Mirren
  • Morton vs St Mirren SPL 1st January 1983
  • St Mirren vs Morton 1st Div 14th November 1992
  • Scottish Cup Finals (1922 1948)
  • Jimmy Cowan (England vs Scotland 1949)

Disk 2

Tennants Sixes 1985
  • Rangers (Group Stage)
  • Dundee (Group Stage)
  • St Mirren (Group Stage)
  • Aberdeen (Semi-Final)
  • Hearts (Final)

2 Ton of Memories

£6 (DVD Disk)

Dunfermline 1 Morton 2
  • Scottish First Division - 21st March 1987
Airdrie 1 Morton 0
  • Scottish First Division - 9th May 1987
Morton 2 St Johnstone 2
  • Scottish Cup Quarter Final - 22nd Match 1989
St Johnstone 3 Morton 2
  • Scottish Cup Quarter Final Replay - 27th March 1989
Morton 3 Meadowbank 0
  • Scottish Cup Fourth Round - 2nd March 1991
Motherwell 0 Morton 0
  • Scottish Cup Quarter Final - 16th March 1991
Morton 1 Motherwell 1
  • Scottish Cup Quarter Final Replay - 19th March 1991

A Ton of Memories

£6 (DVD Disk)

Aberdeen 1 - 0 (The Ritchie Goal)
  • 14th Feb 1981
Kilmarnock 3 - 2 (1st Division Championship)
  • 12th May 1984
Dumbarton 2 - 0 (2nd Division Championship)
  • 6th May 1995
Dundee Utd 2 - 2 (For play off place)
  • 4th May 1996
St Mirren 3 - 0 (1st Division)
  • 8th Nov 1997
1996 TV Profile

Dundee 2 - 1 (Scottish Cup)
  • 23rd Jan 1999
Clyde 6 - 1 (Scottish Cup)
  • 13th Dec 1999
Celtic 0 - 2 (Scottish Cup)
  • 24th Jan 1998
St Mirren 5 - 1 (1st Division)
  • 10th Apr 1999
Airdrie 4 - 0 (Earnshaw)
  • 22nd Jan 2000
Deveronvale 4 - 3 (Scottish Cup)
  • 13th Jan 2003
Ross County 2 - 1 (Scottish Cup)
  • 25th Jan 2003
2003 TV Profile Andy Ritchie
  • Including Offside 29th Jan 2004

St Mirren 1 - Greenock Morton 5

£6 (DVD Disk)

10th Apr 1999. Extensive footage from game.

Tontastic's Old Firm Footage

£6 (DVD Disk)

Greenock Morton vs Celtic
  • 8th March 1999
  • Prematch & Entire game

Greenock Morton vs Rangers
  • 10th April 1980
  • 24 minutes Highlights

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